What would yours be?

Sometimes as I’m going through the day, something will happen… And in my mind I make the click sound (the one from the shutter of my camera) and I ask the angels to file away this moment for me. I’m afraid I’ll forget it and I know that I just got to see a little bit of heaven here on Earth.

The moments are always really simple, I guess it’s no surprise since they always say it’s the simple things in life that make you happy.

It might be the kids playing together, the flicker of triumph in my oldest daughters eyes as she figures out a problem or the sweet little tears when they are looking to me to make it all better.

These moments are my reminders that motherhood is a divined calling and an incredible honor to have been given.

It’s easy to forget that during the normal crazy commotion we call life and I’ve also learned that it’s easy to loose these moments if we become to busy to make time for them.

Last night we were all watching a movie and our littlest one was letting me lay my head on him.

I was loving the moment! His little tiny hand around me, the sound of his little heart beating, his little desire to hold me… And so I did my little “click” thing when all of a sudden I remembered that my camera was right over on the counter and my hubs was right on the other side of the couch with a capable “clicking” finger. This is the result…

Leave a comment and let me know what everyday moment you’d like captured!


  1. It is kinda strange, but I don’t picture myself in pictures. I think I will be sad about that one day. Thanks for the little reminder to have moments of MY love for my children immortalized. (And this shot of you two…absolutely in heart focus!)

  2. This is just the cutest thing! I love that you had this moment captured. There are just so many moments I would love to have captured, but one of my most recent everyday moments I’d love to have captured is our family reenacting Cinderella and the Prince’s song and dance at the ball…daddy-daughter, mommy-son version in our living room :)

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