What to Wear Wednesday…

I really LOVE dressing my kids super cute. Mommyhood made the strangest thing happen to me… I started walking right past my department and spending any money I had in theirs. I would have no qualms with spending insane amounts of funds on adorable clothing for them but when you are trying to get your hubby through grad school thats just a touch impractical! This what to wear is from one of my favorite stores… Target! Proving that you can look great for your photo session on a budget and in reality I’d much prefer you spend that money on big beautiful prints (that will be bring you joy for years) for your home. Every time I walk by my big prints (I have 3 20×30′s, one of each), I can’t help but smile!

W2W - Targe 10

On a side note: If you (like me) tried to get onto the blog today and couldn’t, I’m sorry for the frustration! Apparently a server went down and I just happened to be one of the lucky to experience this very rare (as they assured me) incident. The great new for you is that we’re back up again… The great news for me is that you came back! :)

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