On the Cover of Vancouver Family Magazine

I remember when I was first starting my photography business thinking to myself, how amazing would it be to have one of my pictures in a magazine?!? I mean that would pretty much just say, ‘Leah. You are cool and not just because you say so!’ Well I can’t say I feel any cooler but I do feel very honored to be the photographer for the September Cover of Vancouver Family Magazine! I can’t even explain how exciting it feels to see my work on the the cover of a magazine! Of course beautiful little Serenity does make a gorgeous cover model, doesn’t she?! I’m excited it’s her on the cover because her mama was telling me just a while back that she thinks she’d be such a great little model. How much fun will this be for the keepsake box? And, I have no idea what I did that was so shocking to have conjured up this adorable expression but if I have to act like a monkey or a hippo or a ant eater to get my little clients to give me faces like this… I gladly will (and do)! Doesn’t she look like she’s saying, ‘Oh! that was just not good!’ ?

VFM is an awesome little community magazine that keeps us all up to date on the latest happening and they have a great calender that I love to refer to for fun stuff to do with the kids! You can find your copy all over the city!


  1. A.MA.ZING! Great work, super cute model, and congrats on another cover!

  2. Congratulations, hon! That is SO AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations Leah you deserve it, you work so hard and always share your knowledge with other. xoxo

  4. Mike says:

    Congrats!! Great pic! Now those are some eyes!

  5. jill hagins says:

    Leah! Congratulations! I knew you were destined for fame and fortune! What a darling photo; you have really captured the essence of this darling girl.

  6. Jenna says:

    Wow great job

  7. SHUT UP!!!! I remember how FUN that was. She just wanted to eat everything in sight =). YAY!!! Were any of the other pictures in there?

  8. How exciting Leah!! I grabbed a copy at the Westfield Mall today, just because I knew you took the picture. I love the rich pink dress and those gorgeous blue eyes, congrats!

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