The Zappos Way

I absolutely love, love, love to read. I am obsessed with business books, love them – devour them – can’t get enough of them. I’m usually reading about 5 at one time. I was reading one a couple months back that shared a story from Zappos‘ CEO Tony Hsieh. Then the next book again referred to the Zappos business model. I had to find out more about this company so I bought the book, ‘Delivering Happiness‘ by none other then Tony Hsieh himself. (It’s an awesome read, even if you don’t love business books!)
Last week, in my reading I found out that Zappos had moved from California to Las Vegas. I thought that was pretty cool because I was on my way to Vegas for WPPI (photography convention the following week).  The next day as I read I found out that they offer Zappos tours. I was so excited to see this refreshing and fabulous company in real life action so I immediately found their website to book my tour, only to find that February wasn’t even on the schedule.

True to Zappos montra, Jon went out of his way to make a spot for me and to give me an incredible experience. Zappos was a highlight in the years trip to WPPI.  I’ll tell you all about WPPI and all the fun I had over the last week in a later post but for now, I thought I’d just share with you this image that my friend Steph took for me. It was so inspiring to get to see such a profoundly honest and value based business model in action on a billion dollar level!


  1. erin low says:

    a. loving your outfit a TON
    b. love zappos, they have an outlet here…it’s AMAZING! we go there WAY TO MUCH!
    c. can’t wait to hear about wppi

  2. Jenna says:

    Thats so cool Im defently going to look zappos up

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