The Wisdom of Youth

Why do we ever choose to “grow-up”? There is this idea that believing in dreams is childish, that when you get older – you get wiser about what is obtainable and what is not.

But who really has the wisdom?  Was Thomas Edison acting in conventional wisdom when he decided that light should be possible through the flick of a switch? Were a couple of country boys being realistic when they envisioned that they would get heaps of medal to soar through air so that they could accomplish their dream of flight?

Or is it only reasonable to assume that the role of “dreamer” should be cast solely to those who either are so intelligently elect or so unintelligently informed? Should the rest of us be left to be realistic?

I think back to those fleeting moments of highschool. Being so sure I knew everything and yet so simultaneously unsure of my place. But I believed, I believed things were possible, I believed dreams came true and I believed that shear will could accomplish almost anything.

I’ve grown up in some way since then. I have learned my place and know exactly why and where I am supposed be. I am a mother, my role in this world is to make sure that they never stop believing.

I love the opportunities that I enjoy as a photographer, getting to know the believing little souls that grace my lens. I am afforded a glimpse into their wonderful worlds that are so full of hopes, and dreams and unrealistic notions. And I see it then… Wisdom.

In some ways, I’m glad I’ve grown up but in others I will forever refuse.


  1. These are gorgeous Leah! I love the blanket shot. You are also an incredible writer…so so talented!

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