The Wilderness

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! We spent ours up in the mountains and deep in the woods where cell phones show no-service and laptops offer no hotspots. We had such a great time being a family with no interruptions! We brought all of our bikes so that we could have a fun family bike ride which turned out to be very one sided. Early Saturday morning Taylor and I got the kids up and loaded them into the bike trailer and off we went. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the warm rays of sun against our backs as we coasted down the mountain road. It was perfection right up until we decided to turn around. We got about a 1/4 of the way up the first hill and I thought my legs were going to fall off – they were burning like marshmallow caught in a flame and I wasn’t even pulling anyone but me. Taylor on the other hand was hauling 100 pounds worth of our children behind him. We looked at each other and started laughing… Harder and harder, what had we been thinking? We needed a solution that got us back to the campsite before July 4th 2011.

“Call your sister” he suggested – who was probably still asleep in her tent as she doesn’t have kids to wake her up at the crack of dawn. Lucky for Jenna, we did! And so we were rescued from the encroaching climb that threatened to leave me stranded forever on the side of the mountain. Maybe that’s a little dramatic but I was sure feeling the concern as to how I was going to make it back. In hindsight a one way descent is a very nice way to bike, in fact Taylor and I did it one more time! We loaded the kids in the car and biked down the mountain loading our bikes in very last before making our way back home again – it was so much fun. We got up to over 30 miles an hour on our bicycles. I loved it, especially since I knew I had a one way ticket!

It was so great to have some time with family where the only think I could focus on was them! I hope your 4th was equally fun and brought you closer with those you love the most!

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