The ‘W’ Family

Would you like to know what is even better then walking around a beautiful golf course on a perfect evening in late August? RIDING around that golf course in my own golf cart! I will admit, when they told me we’d each have a cart I was a little panicked. I hadn’t driven a cart since I was a kid and that said cart may or may not have ended up in a pond. I knew that me, my camera and the cart at the bottom of a pond would not be making great impressions so I sheepishly asked if they were sure. But they were, so I ponied up and climbed in. Turns out that I have been missing out for years, because golf carts are awesome! They are so fun in fact that I was really glad I was at the back of our little pack so that this beautiful couple couldn’t see my ridiculous “weeeeeee!” face that I couldn’t wipe off.

As I walked back to my car, I couldn’t help but feel how blessed I am. I had just spent a wonderful evening with a beautiful couple who is celebrating their now. They know that these last 5 years of marriage are a wonderful milestone, that one day their dogs will be welcoming babies and that life (as it always does) will change. But today, today it’s still ‘the two of em’ and their canine kiddos.

M&R, it was such a pleasure meeting you both! Thank you for the beautiful night and the awesome golf cart ride!


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