That was unexpected!


The phone was ringing… I (of course) couldn’t find any of our 5 cordless phones. Whenever your phone is ringing and it’s still dark, you can’t help but worry! I finally found one, answered to hear a recorded message informing me of a delayed start for our school district. I immediately checked out the window to see that the recorded man was in fact on to something! There was snow… Well that was unexpected! And I went back to bed!

Of course as soon as the kiddos woke up, they couldn’t wait to get out and play! I’m so glad they got to enjoy this happy surprise! And I gotta say, I was very impressed with the adorable snowman they created!

Better go get the hot chocolate going before they get to cold… I hope you’re able to take a moment and enjoy our white surprise.


  1. How fun!!! It’s 70 degrees here in Alabama today! lol

  2. Oh goodness, SO CUTE!!!

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