The rainbow always follows. {Portland Studio Photographer}

I sit hear at my desk attempting to type faster than the wind can bellow. Every few minutes it wraps angrily at my window again to remind me that there is a storm blustering through just on the other end of this wall. Threatening to cut off what has become my life line during this busiest part of the year.  Sometimes we let the storms of life dictate our direction, sometimes we forget that just past those fierce clouds a rainbow is waiting to burst through.

As we all bowed our heads for prayer everyone waited for me to speak. But it had been one of “those” days. The kids had been crazy, refusing to clean their rooms, stubbornly pushing there still untouched dinner plates away, they’d pushed one another’s buttons over and over and watched as the fireworks flew. The house was a wreck, the stack of work was over flowing for both Tay and I and there I was trying to offer thanks for this day. But as I tried to give thanksgiving, laughter was what replaced it. As I tried to pull it together, I felt a smile escape through his arms. After that neither of us could keep it together. We laughed esoterically as I thanked God for our children, life, family and a sense of humor that keeps us sane. We laughed and laughed all the while the kids stared at us, completely baffled to our inside joke. Thats just the way it is, sometimes… All you can do is laugh.

My favorite images are those full of colour both for the eyes and the soul. I believe that pictures can be that bursting rainbow. As I photograph a family, I always try to capture the dynamics that make them who they are.

In this family you could see exactly where their pot of gold rested, in the smile of this little one. And rightfully so, she really is pure sunshine. It was so much fun meeting and working with the ‘B’ Family and I think these images show that!! Tonight, her little face is my rainbow! :) I think she just might become the token rainbow for anyone seeing this post, how can you not feel happy looking at her?!!





I had to include this next one just to brighten everyones day. You can’t help but smile at her!


I’m positively crazy about these next two. Everything about them screams BABY from the dimpled little hands and feet to the pure contentment in her eyes! Plain and simple, they make me happy! I {heart} them!!





  1. Carrie says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me!…that little baby girl is TOO CUTE for words and these turned out just gorgeous!!!

  2. Yes Leah is amazing isn’t she!!!

  3. Serenity is the most precious little girl. Rob and Crystal have done good work – and Leah, you’re great too!

    Thanks for sharing this with me Rob.

    We love you.

    Todd, Amand, Annika, Maren, Spooky and Baxter

  4. Dawn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing… Not only the photos but the words… I needed to hear them today. You made my heart smile…

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