Sweet Peas and Prayers

This glowing mama-to-be is another Mother Tree mommy. Shawna is just day’s away from welcoming her first little sweet pea! I’m so excited for her, just in the few short hours I got to spend with Shawna I immediately knew that she is going to be a wonderful mother! We had so much fun… It was an instant connection! We decided to start off in a beautiful hidden little field that happens to be nestled right in the middle of the ghetto. Ha. You thought I was going to say something charming. Nope! Right in between a gas station and a bus depot is my favorite little field that happens to be in bloom with wildflowers right now. I’ve been telling myself that I have to get over there before it’s too late and this was the perfect excuse that I needed! We had so much fun laughing and shooting, Shawna is breathtaking and has the glow of  her pregnancy just beaming within her! Everything was sweet perfection…

Until we got back to the car to go finish the session with some studio shots and found out that I had lost the keys! Let me just tell you that right up there with ‘I forgot to put film in the camera’ is having to say, ‘I lost your keys in that field’. I was horrified and immediately apologizing and trying to retrace my steps which went from one end and back in this (suddenly feeling) not so little field. Shawna was so sweet about it (hence the comment about being a great mommy) and we walked around and tried to find the keys. It was feeling like a needle in a haystack but we each kept saying our little prayers and waiting to be shown where they were. Of course I should have known better than to have doubted, my Adi girl has taught me enough times that even lady bugs can be found more than once when a prayer is given. I was so grateful and counting my blessings when Shawna found them! With my heart slowly returning to a more normal beat we went back to finish the session…. And laugh a little more! Shawna thinks I’m hilarious… It’s cuz I am, I just forget sometimes.

This next one takes my breath away.  Shawna is the absolute definition of maternal beauty!

And what’s the perfect way to finish off a maternity photo session? With a tub of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream of course!! This was so much fun! The night before our session I was thinking, I want to do something creative and fun. As Shawna and I chatted and shared pregnancy stories we giggled at how much we both LOVE ice cream when we’re pregnant… Well that reminded me of the tub(s) of ice cream I had in the freezer thanks to that 3 for 5 sale last week! So I handed her a spoon, the tub and said have fun! She did… Oh she did. And it was well deserved after a long day of looking way to fabulous!

Shawna thank you for the awesome morning! I can’t wait to meet your little sweet pea!


  1. Carrie says:

    Beautiful! I love her in the gorgeous field, and the ice cream carton idea is so cute! Wonderful job!

  2. I absolutely love how beautiful she looks in that last storyboard–in just a t-shirt! Stunning!

  3. Jeff Jensen says:

    I believe you have captured the essence of this beautiful young person. What is contained within shows outwardly as well. Congratulations and thank you!

  4. Gorgeous! The ice cream tub idea is genius; I just might have to ‘borrow’ it.

  5. lilith rockett says:

    Fantastic photos! They really capture Shawna’s natural beauty and playfulness.

  6. Erika says:

    Looks like that baby has dropped! Awesome shots – Dylan loved looking at them with me.

  7. Shawna is such a beautiful mom…you have captured her just so! All of Cedar’s friends are gonna be jealous ;)

  8. gina McCotter says:

    These are stunning photographs! There is a lovely presence and glow in them…so much more than even Shawna’s incredible beauty comes across.

  9. Liz Branham says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy every last second of you big belly because you look beautiful with it.

  10. Megan says:

    Wow! You captured her playful, cute side as well as her beautiful, intentional side. Just lovely.

  11. Amazing! I love the variety of shots and of course the model! The quality of each shot is amazing. Great job!!!

  12. Helen Payton says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful momma person. My favorites, the first and all the ice-cream shots.

  13. These are gorgeous photos of Shawna! I love the variety of scenes, they really capture her spirit.

  14. Shawna, you are more beautiful than ever, and were clearly meant to be on this journey!
    If I had to pick one I’d say the one in jeans when she is laughing! I can just hear her!!!

  15. Amy Kastelin says:

    Now this is the glowing Shawna that I love. Way to capture her playful spirit, and her devious nature (ice cream shots)
    Absolutely stunning!

  16. Renee says:

    LOVE the shots! Have a special fondness for the one where she’s eating ice cream. Shawna, you look radiant!!!

  17. angela stepan says:

    These are so beautiful Shawna! You look amazing….. !! It seems this was a perfect fit: Finding a hidden utopia in the city & capturing your true maternal essence. I especially see your strength and light come through as you walk through the field…you look so empowered moving ahead, at home in the elements. I love you leaning against the tree, laughing, serious, eating icecream in a sexy tshirt! Ok ~ guess i love them all. Love to you… as your journey with Cedar in womb completes & as you prepare for birthing!! Always, Angie

  18. Uncle steve says:

    hi Shawna,you look great!All the photos are exellent,the one was a little more than I needed to see,but that’s just because I’m your uncle.I’m. So happy that your so happy,thanks for bringing some sunshine into my lifeI showed the photos to a bunch of people and they all very impressed!!

  19. Katie B says:

    These photos are beautiful- a perfect match of photographic talent and Shawna’s radiating beauty. I’m so glad these photos are out there :-)

  20. garrett adams says:

    really nice photos. I especially like the sequence with the blown puff-ball flower-like thingy-mer-doodle…she captured shawna well and the back lighting is very beautiful.

  21. garrett adams says:

    wow, I didn’t even scroll down before my last comment to see the portrait and the icecream sequence, they are excellent.

  22. Jane Bolt says:

    The pictures are as beautiful as she is.

  23. Toshi Long says:

    Great photos! I think the outdoor shots in particular give new meaning to “the pregnancy glow.” Very Nice!


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