Serendipitous Moments {Portland Family Photography}

I don’t know if everyone is as blessed as I have been with the friends who have come through our lives, but I hope so. I really really hope so. I feel like each of us should only be so lucky as to be blessed with the type of friends who, despite having no blood relation, immediately become part of our families.   Taylor and I have been over and over. Maybe we just need extra help. {grin} We met Brock and Amy when we were both just newly weds, it’s hard to believe that that was almost 9 years ago.  Neither of us had kids yet and with 4 full time incomes, well you can have some fun.  So we did… a lot! For about two years we were inseparable like a couple of BFFs in 7th grade. We did everything together, dates, vacations, holidays… Amy and I even struggled getting pregnant together and even more odd was when we both got pregnant within a couple months of each other and for both of us it was 3 years after being married. But before Amy was due, they took a job in Utah and moved away.  I remember shedding a lot of tears. It was the end of an era, life would never be the same. It was only a few months later that we moved to Hawaii.

We didn’t see each other for about 5 years. Until just a few months ago when Brock took a new job that brought him back to Washington while we had finished undergrad and of course are back in the NW so that Tay can work through Chiropractic school. When they called to meet up, I’ll admit that Tay and I were nervous. Were we going to have to deal with that awkward transition where you have to fill the gaps from years of lives that continued down separate paths? Was there going to be random surface conversation and awkward pauses while we all silently hoped to fall back into a familiar friendship? Five years is a long time. We each had kids now, we were different… they were different … (I’m liking the dot dot  dots, today) and I was scared that somehow if we didn’t fall into the familiar old banter it meant that our friendship had never quite been what I remembered it as.

The first time we got back together we spent a weekend at the ocean. I was overjoyed to find that it was like we’d never skipped a beat. We fell back into a wonderful conversation as if we’d only paused for a moment. The only thing that changed was the chatter and laughter of little people running and playing all around us.

B&M, I designed this Canvas Wall Cluster as the perfect way to display your beautiful family! :)


  1. Amy Marie Morris says:

    LEAH! Thank you for these perfect moments that we can forever have in our hearts and now showcase on our walls and the walls of our loved ones! You are brilliant…..the way in which the ingenuity of our daughters is there looking back at you, is truly captivating! THANK YOU my kindred spirit!
    Love Amy

  2. Gorgeous…and who doesn’t love the Morris’?!

  3. Tiffany Vincent aka: Aunt Tiffy says:

    These captured moments could not have turned out better! Unsurpassed! a beautiful! bitter~sweet experience for this fan of this gorgeous family..I love, miss & need them every day! even though they’re photo shoot made me cry but didn’t stop me from plans to exploit.. I’m thinking touch base w/ the marketing Dept. for Ralph Lauren & the like for starters.. Thanks Leah!!

  4. Andrea Morris says:

    LOVE ‘EM!!! Leah, you did a GREAT job capturing the true essence of this awesome family!!! Of course, I am a little biased, being that Brock is my youngest brother, and he, Amy and the girls are some of my favorite people in the whole world!!! ;)

  5. Melissa Smith says:

    Leah….I love what you wrote about Brock and Amy and I’m so glad you guys were able to meet up again. Now I’m the one shedding tears reading your story, looking at the pictures and missing my brother and his sweet precious family. You did an amazing job and have a talented eye….I wish you lived in Utah so you could take pictures of my little family. Best of luck to you and your photography business!!!

  6. Brock says:

    Wow Leah, these are fantastic! Your skills with a camera are only matched by my Rock Band drumming skills!!
    In all seriousness you are amazing, thank you for your time and talents we feel equally blessed to be part of this friendship…can’t wait to see you guys again!


  7. Jenny lu says:

    They are too stinkin cute everybody looks amazing! Ames you look beautiful. I miss my monkeys. Good work Leah, they rock.

  8. Terry Higbee (Amy's Mom) says:

    Leah, These are so beautiful!!! I miss my girls and these pictures are priceless. How can I get a copy to hang on my wall? Love you tons, and if you are in the valley, please call me! Love, Amy’s Mom

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