School Lunch Ideas

School will be starting this week in our home! Everyone is super excited! Adi’s had her clothes laid out for days already, Ella trys on her back pack again every morning and Paysen’s been practicing preschool with Adi as his teacher for a week!

I think one of the coolest thing we get to do as mommy’s is be in charge of the happy-scale. Ultimately we set the mood for the home. We make it fun and on our off days… Well we all know what happens then! As we get ready for the new school year, I’m gearing up to have some fun surprises that will brighten rainy days and make lunch time an extra special ‘mommy loves you moment’.

I’ll be giving you a fun lunch note printable later in the week but today I thought we could start off with some cool lunch ideas that are sure to bring a giggle to the lunch table!


{ Lunch Inspiration comes from Bento-logy }


A few sites to check out for supplies:

Laptop Lunches

All things for Sale

Toy-R-Us Divider Set

Easy Lunch Boxes



  1. hi leah! i bought the planet box lunch boxes last year and LOVE them!
    bought it after reading about it on Tara’s blog:

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