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You may remember the post I wrote about Rylee’s mommy a couple weeks ago. Megan Smith went into the hospital excited at the idea that they couldn’t send her home! Her water had broke and she knew she would be coming home with a baby! Rylee Hannah Smith was born happy and healthy on Sept 12, 2010. She got to go home… but with an awful discovery, mommy had to stay.

Megan was able to hold her brand new daughter for only a few short moments before she was transported by ambulance to Roswell Park Cancer Institute after routine blood tests showed her white blood count in the 40 thousand range while just two weeks prior it had been perfectly normal . Megan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – and it was aggressive!

While Megan fights for her life in New York and her husband attempts to continue with dental school and take care of Megan with every other moment he has, little Rylee is on the other side of the country with her grandparents.

Megan has endured chemo, radiation, medically induced coma’s (yes plural), a bone marrow transplant, medication to paralyze her body and as horrific as all of that sounds, as unimaginable and that anguish must be… Even worse is that her brand new baby girl, the one she tried for so so long to have and at moments had doubts that may never come, can’t be in her arms. Megan is fighting not only for her own life but for the chance to see her daughter’s life.

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  1. At a loss for words….I know they will LOVE this Leah.

  2. erin low says:

    like everything else to do with megan…i bawled watching this!

  3. I bawled putting it together! Miss you Erin!

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