Portland Senior Portraits

Today I’m excited to share Will’s Senior Portraits with you! Will is a great guy who goes to a Business & Entrepreneurial Charter School in Portland. Doesn’t that just sound so cool!? I wish I’d have had an option like that – Actually I wish I’d have been smart enough to take an option like that! As Will and I walked around the Pearl, I had a great time chatting it up in between snaps. We talked all about high school and oh, how it brought back the memories!

Will has such a great road map for the years ahead and although road blocks will come and detours will emerge he’s going to find that the opportunities on the open road are endless. As I drove home, I thought a lot about the high school version of me. There was so much I wished I could tell her! I would start by saying that dreams are not given to the luckiest or the smartest but rather to those who work the hardest – and that I can do! That kindness is always the most beautiful accessory a girl can wear. I would take me by the shoulders, give me a good shake and shout, ‘the only stupid choice you can make is to not try… Just try!!’ I would suggest laughing before crying and complimenting before snickering. I would tell myself that it looks cooler to not care what people think then to never let go in case people are watching and that boys will still exist in 3 years and to just focus on being the best version of me that I can!



  1. Great job Leah! I really love the last one!

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