Portland Family Photography that’s fun!

I love to joke (except I’m not joking at all because it’s complexly true) that even the dad’s have a blast during a photo shoot at Leah Remillet Photography. I think this sweet family is perfect proof of what I’m talking about!

Creating a family portrait means so much more then me just holding up my uber fancy camera and taking the picture for you. A Family Portrait is your chance to capture a memory and that’s what I really do! I tell your story. This moment, the one happening right now, It can never be duplicated. And this stage the one that you’re holding your breath at in hopes that it might stay just a little bit longer or pass by just a little bit faster… It won’t. At least all my breath holding hopes haven’t worked out yet.

Part of cherishing life is in documenting the journey. Creating a record that says; We were here, we lived and we loved a lot. That’s why I’m here, to help you tell your story!

I love photography for the now. What I mean by that is that I love all the images that cover my walls that tell the story of life as it is today but I cherish as my most prized possessions the photography of yesterday. The images that tell our story, keep our record and say… We loved a lot.

Thank you ‘C’ family for a fabulous session! It was an absolute pleasure to document your happy story!


  1. These are so beautiful and fun!

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