Photography Tip ~ Shooting From Above

It’s getting warmer outside (wahoo!!) and we are all antsy and eager to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine! Of course you’ll be grabbing the camera so here’s a fun and easy tip that you can use the next time you’re playing around and trying to capture your little kiddos in the warm evening glow of natural light! Ummm – that’s my favorite!

Canon 5D Mark II  |  Lens: 24-70 L  |  ISO:100 .  f/2.8  .  160 SS  |  5:15 pm

THE SETUP: I’m showing you a pullback so that you can see exactly what happened! Imagine me standing directly above her on the stool to capture the image… And promise not to judge on the mismatched outfit. Which actually, is a great reminder that if you don’t like a certain something that you’re seeing when you frame up the shot… Just get closer! Ok, on to the pullback.

This is a really simple set up that can create great images! I love using doorway light. In this scenario, we are pulled out from the doorway because of a porch overhang that is directly above the door. I did this because I don’t want to be in complete shade, if I did have my subject in full shade, I wouldn’t be able to produce the golden hue that I’m so excited about. Thank you setting sun!

THE PULLBACK: As you can see, I’m using a simple backdrop but of course you could grab fabric, a blanket or just use what you’ve got (the ground). I then have a step-stool so that I can be right above my subject (you may not need the step stool – I’m short). Finally by having Ella look upward right into the lens, and into non-direct light (if it was direct she’d be squinting and that just wouldn’t be cute at all!) I’m able to really capture the color of her eyes as well as my most favorite detail, her freckles!

The next time you want to have a little fun with your camera, try shooting from directly above by having your subject lay down on the floor!



  1. I never get enough of the “other side of the camera: stuff. I love seeing how other people do it.

  2. Oh good! I want to do many more so stay posted!

  3. Brandi Corriveau says:

    Thanks for the great tip Leah. You’re awesome!

  4. She is just adorable! Beautiful light too!

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