Monday Movie: My Favorite Things

I’ve had the opportunity to see Hillary Weeks a few times now at various Time Out For Women Conventions, she can make you laugh and cry. This one is to make you laugh! If you’ve never been to TOFW and you happen to be a women, you should! I can’t help but walk away feeling completely inspired and ready to be a better wife, mommy and person – they always give me fresh eyes and fine tune my perspective to see the most important things in life!


  1. LOVE her and MISS your guts!!! I think you should book a wedding and use me so that I can come back!

  2. erin low says:

    I am so excited for TOFW!!! They are having one in OH. 2 weeks after I am due, but I HAVE to go. So I’m just going to bear it, because I hear it’s phenomonal! Love hillary!

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