Matt & Natalie

They met through mutual friends. Everything was in motion, conversation abuzz when Matt introduced himself to Natalie.

‘Wait. You two haven’t met before?’ Somehow in all of the gathering and mutual acquaintances, they had missed each other…. until that day. It didn’t take long for Matt to go to one of her friends to find out more about Natalie… Turns out Matt discovered that he never ever wants to stop learning about Natalie. Next summer, Matt & Natalie will start their lifetime journey discovering one another over and over.

The weather in no way wanted to cooperate with us… So we took a chance and got wet. Matt & Natalie were great sports about the rain and just embraced it with us! We did learn that Matt has never seen or heard of ‘Singing in the Rain’… Who has never heard of ‘Singing in the Rain?’ 


  1. Ok, you know me, and I of course Love the umbrella in these! Cute, cute couple and that field is absolutely beautiful!!!

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