Love Letters

Dear Fred Meyer,

Thank you for creating playland for me. You have given me a little window of ‘me time’ right in between the bread aisle and the frozen peas.  I used to hate grocery shopping. All those little hands grabbing, wanting, moving and little voices begging, yelling, crying, asking… It was enough to make me want to start jumping up and down and yelling “Ahhhhhhh” at the top of my lungs just to give the people something new to look at. But now… now! NOW I walk them up to the wonderful lady who gives me that wonderful wrist band that means freedom to browse and shop and wander for an entire hour all alone. I’ll be continuing to share what’s on my list weekly with you.


The Well Stocked Fridge Mommy


Dear Victoria Secret,

Thank you for bringing the laundry soap and dryer sheets back. You have given me a reason to fold clothes before they make it to a pile on the floor andthat’s pretty amazing. Please don’t ever take it away again.

Appreciativly Yours,

Lavished Laundry Lady


Dear Maker of Bratz Dolls,

Please stop all further productions of these dolls… Immediately!


Bratz Doll Hater


Dear Sketchers,

I want to commend you on your advertising initiative. It has worked, my 4 year old knows and asks for your shoe by name. However I won’t be buying your product purely because it annoys me that you’ve done this so if you could please stop airing your advertisments during preschool programing I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

Never Gonna Get This


Dear Double Stuffed Oreos,

Thank you for always being available, even at 2am when I really just need you. I really appreciate that you are always here for me and I want you to know that I’ll always be back to appreciate it!


Kindred Oreo Spirit


Dear Hulu,

You just might be the most wonderful thing since the double stuffed mint Oreos debuted. Thank you so much for giving me my favorite shows and making them available when I want to watch them. I would have never found Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars or The Office if it weren’t for you.


Your Happy Hulu Mama


  1. clair says:

    Awesome :) !!!

  2. Oh man, that photo is SO precious!

  3. Love this! And sooo wish we had a Fred Meyer in Dallas, TX.

  4. Love it! I agree with you on everything. As always, beautiful pics!

  5. Mary Boyd says:

    You are so cute! I love that! Fred Meyer is my new favorite place to shop too.

  6. marla says:

    What a fun post Leah. I really enjoyed reading it and even
    had a few giggles

  7. marla says:

    And by the way the photo is awesome

  8. Carrie says:

    Just got back from my trip and had to ‘stop by’….this post cracked me up, and the pic of my Adi girl is to die for! Oh how I miss her!!!

  9. Kelli says:

    I really love this picture of Adi it so fits her!
    I found Fred Meyers just a few months ago and love to go there because I am able to get all my grocery shopping done in one trip instead of 3 because the kids aren’t driving me crazy.
    I also agree on the statement of the Sketchers Elijah tells us just about everyday that he wants a pair. Yesterday it was when we saw some deer running really fast he said that he would be able to run that fast when he got his Sketcher.

  10. Keiko says:

    Ha ha ha . . . loved the post. I can’t believe how much she has grown!!! Cute little lady with a camera like her mommy:)

  11. Jenna says:

    I love this pic.

  12. mom says:

    These are great , and funny . I hate bratz dolls too they portray women as scuzzy with attitude. Adi now is adorable!

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