Little Levi | Newborn Photography, Portland

There are certain people in this world who become our rock. Those who we know, come what may – will be there with us, for us and despite us. I have been especially blessed to have found not one but many kindred spirits who love me and my family in such a way. Most of those incredible people were part of a little family of friends, living on a little BYU campus, in a little complex called TVA that rested in a little town named Laie on the North Shore of Hawaii. Those moments and those friends are some of the most cherished memories of my life. Just last night I was preparing for dinner, timing everything for when friends would be arriving and I suddenly found myself thinking, ‘this feels like home’ and I realized the home I was thinking of was Laie. Not Seattle where I grew up, not Portland where we now live but little Laie where we spent just 3 and half years while we attended BYU-H. It’s funny how it’s not the amount of time that makes the memory, but rather the quality of it.

Some of our dearest friends, The Boyd family, who we met as neighbors in Laie moved to Olympia, WA. after graduation. There are few, if but one who has been as strong a rock for us as the Boyd’s so having them be a small drive away has made little Laie feel close again. What a blessing I consider it to have them near enough that I could record the tiny fingers, toes and everything else of their fourth boy, baby Levi.

This next shot includes an awesome little iron pod I received from another dear dear friend Carrie, whom I also met while at BYU-H. When Carrie gave this to me she said as soon as she saw it she thought it would be perfect for me to put a baby in. Carrie, I couldn’t agree more! Thank you! 


  1. Jessica Boyd says:

    you made my little nephew look more adorable than he already is! awesome work!!!

  2. Mary Boyd says:

    Thank you Leah for documenting our final boys’ newborn life! The pictures ended up being insanely spectacular. We are greatful for your wonderful work and your family’s friendship. You guys and gals are truly great friends and rocks for us too. “Steel sharpens steel” -Some cheesy Biggest Loser quote =)

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite photograph. They all just look amazing.


    The Boyds

  3. My dumb phone won’t display all the pictures but the ones I can see are SO adorable!! You are a wonderful newborn photographer. Oh, and I’m loving the new blog. It’s simply stunning. Much love!

  4. These photos are fabulous! I really love the one with his hands under his chin, looking like a little old man. Great job Leah!

  5. erin low says:

    i like this blog waaay better and how much clearer and perfect these pics turn out on it. he is beautiful! i feel exactly the same way about laie and have beent hinking that same way lately. i wish we all lived near each other again! great job.

  6. Oh these are gorgeous!

    I love that iron pod SO MUCH!

  7. Carrie says:

    Oh goodness!!! Congratulations to the Boyd family on yet another incredibly handsome boy, and Leah, these turned out FANTASTIC!!! I love everything about all of them…and of course I’m SO HAPPY to see the little iron pod getting some beautiful use out of it! :)

    SOOOOOOO amazing!

  8. Love! What an adorable little boy, and what perfectly classic pictures you were able to capture. Well done–again!

  9. Tracey Rancour says:

    He’s so cute they turned out really good.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful Pics!!! And Laie will always feel like home wont it :) Crazy how those few years could have such an impact on our lives. Even though I just saw you last month, we miss you already! Keep up the wonderful work :)

  11. Keiko says:

    I love your new layout! Congrats to the Boyd family. He is so cute. Laie is really another home for many of us, and always will be . . . miss you guys.

  12. Amber Reutter-Clarambeau says:

    The baby pictures of Baby Levi are adorable. Wonderful photography!

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