Little “K” – Custom Children’s Photography in Portland, OR.

Is this not the most incredibly striking combo… That vibrant red hair, with those beautiful blue eyes and her perfectly perfect freckles…. It made me giddy to get her in front of my camera!  I had so much fun photographing Little Miss “K” yesterday!  She may just be, the absolute most photographic little girl – ever!  She was so funny too, because she kept asking, ‘do you want my smile or my serious face?’, and let me just tell you (of course you’ll be able to see for yourself but…) this little girl has serious down!  ”K” told me that serious was her favorite, for me personally – just about anything she did was my favorite!

For our session we used the Spangled Backdrop by Drop it Modern!  This was actually my first time using it for a session.  I actually got it for my Go4Pro videos but now I can’t wait to use it for more sessions!


A face without freckles is like a night without stars. – Unknown


  1. Love, love, LOVE these! What an absolutely adorable girl, and I love how the backdrop turned out! Soooooo fabulous, and very cute posing too!

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