Leah’s Loves : one

With my new ambitions to post more frequently, I thought I’d start ‘Leah’s Loves’ a silly little every once in a while topic where I can share with you what I find particularly drool worthy at that moment.

Today’s installment is bright and cheerful which matches my current mood as of late! The Mike and Ikes have been a favorite treat  to enjoy while I edit. The front loader washer and dryer are drool worthy any day of the week and I truly do believe that if I had these – I would do more laundry! The Tom’s I’m afraid to wear myself (I have really big feet and flats have a tendency to resemble something more like a ski then a boot) but I think they would be adorable on kids, especially little boys! The ‘cake’ diaper bag I’ve been drooling over for a year now and I really really really want it! Never mind that I don’t actually really need to carry diapers anymore, I can find plenty of other items to stash inside! The necklace really doesn’t need any explanation and I feel that I would make that suitcase look fabulous, especially in February when I go to my photography convention in Vegas. The $1600 price point on the tag is well… Ummm – holding me back from making this suitcase look as good as it possibly could. And those are the current ‘Leah’s Loves’.

Capture Life Sterling Silver Necklace

Petunia Pickle Bottom – Cake (in Apple Tart)

Globetrotter Suitcase with wheels from JCrew

Kelly Green Front Loader Washer & Dryer

Toms Tiny Canvas Slip On


  1. I was so happy to come to your blog and see another post! I love the shoes, love the bag, love the necklace. But no thank you to Mike and Ikes!

  2. So fun! :)

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