Imperfectly Perfect

When you have 6 kids, all under the age of 8 it’s going to inevitably make for a very interesting session! Add sunshine (which we haven’t seen for months around here) and well, it’s a delightful blur of joyful chaos…. I loved it! It was real, it was life, it was a perfectly imperfect session! Tiny feet were running, laughter was echoing and happiness was emanating from little  joyful faces.

Watching this sweet family reminded me that life is good! In all its chaos and disorganization (not that they were disorganized – but I usually am), I though about how in bus stops and ballet practice and t-ball and dinner dishes… In piles of laundry and lost polly pockets, in backwards shoes and forgotten girl’s nights…. In little hands that touch my face and say, ‘mommy I love you’. In little arms that reach out and ask, ‘will you cuddle with me?’ In little fingers that drop a gallon of milk in an attempt to make breakfast for the family, I have to remember that Life is good.

Sometimes I feel as though for a split second I get to see a glimpse of heaven. It’s like when a door is cracked open to a room you’ve never seen and you’re able to realize it’s function, maybe make out a couple pieces of furniture and you just know that if you could swing that door wide open and take everything in you would be in awe of the beauty – that you would be better for it. I have these moments (the perfect ones that I strive for in about 5 second intervals each day) where all is right in my little world and I can actually feel every blessing that I have, it’s overwhelming and always leaves me humbled beyond words. I know that I have done nothing to deserve my life. It’s not full of things but it is full of people who love me despite my long list of faults. I don’t know why it’s been given to me, but I do know that I will do everything I can to attempt (as feeble as those attempts will be ) to deserve my imperfectly perfect life.



  1. Beautiful! You Captured my sister’s family so perfectly! Tears come to my eyes! Thank YOU! Can’t wait to see them all!

  2. These are wonderful portraits of my niece and her family!

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