The Antidote for Blah

I use to suddenly realize I was talking way oto much in a conversation (well that part still happens) and so in order to wrap up what ever story I’d accidentally become enthralled with telling, I would just say, ‘blah blah blah’. Blah is the unnoticed or unneeded but what if we could turn ‘blah’ into ‘bi-zammm’? Kinda sounds fun doesn’t it? I’ve heard it so many times and I will sheepishly admit that I’ve said it myself once or twice.

“I’m stuck in a rut”

“It’s the same old every single day”

“I’m just doing the motions”

But in reality it’s all about perspective. I’ve come to learn that everything in this life comes down to perspective in the end. We fall into routine — routine that we both love and hate. Love… because without it, the chaos surely will and does take over all happiness in our lives but with it we can become bland, blah and maybe even stale but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Grocery shopping could definitely be classified as a normally ‘blah’ errand that has to be done. It doesn’t usually get classified as a ‘gets to be done’ item on the to do list – but what if it could be? When I was a kid my dad and I would go to the grocery store. We always started on one end of the store and worked our way aisle by aisle from produce to bakery. We never had a list, we had the ‘aisle system’ we went through and picked out anything we wanted or needed. Now I’ll admit that this was not budget friendly grocery shopping but then again, it was just the two of us to feed so we didn’t have to get so much. Now, as a grownup myself, I have a list and a plan and my weekly meals but I still want to make room for the fun just like my dad always did for me. Last week as we got the things on our list I decided to make a detour and go down the ice cream aisle.  Dryers ice cream happened to be on sale, three for $7.50.  I decided to have a little fun with it — instead of picking three different flavors we bought all of the Vanilla flavors that Dryers had to offer.  After all, it was the only way to really know which one I should buy next time. Very logical thinking if you think about it. There is French Vanilla, Slow Churned Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Grand Vanilla and the new Double Vanilla to consider. After lunch the kids and I conducted a blind taste testing of the flavors. The data was conclusive! Double Vanilla is the yummiest vanilla ice cream ever — ever, ever, EVER! And now I’ll never have to wonder which Vanilla to grab… Until I cross compare brands.

Enjoy Life, because this is not a dress rehearsal. We get one chance. One chance to make memories that last and to cultivate moments worth remembering.


  1. So true. I love your insight. I need to make my blah moments more blah zammi.

  2. Ashley says:

    Wow. I started to skim over this, but something caught my attention and I read the whole thing. It made me a little emotional. Beautifully said, I love it! I read it at the perfect moment too.

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