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He pulled backward to look at his glowing wife and just as quickly leaned forward again to breathe her in. I could have thought that maybe he just forgot I was there for a moment – when after unabashedly inhaling her hair he told her how great she smelled as he breather in her scent but I’m thinking since I wear a huge camera and it happened to be pointed right at him that he just didn’t care. He adores her and he’s happy to let everyone know. The best part of this love story is that she’s right there with him.  I could see it when with a giddy and mischievous smile she reminisced and told me in a just slightly hushed voice, ‘we eloped to Bali’. Ryan & Britta had found a perfect match in each other and now they’re anticipating the next chapter in their love story, the arrival of a very special Christmas gift!

Her smile is absolutely radiant and as she gushed over the nursery that he’s done up for her you could see that this is going to be one very blessed little girl. You here all the time about a mother’s glow, but it’s not as often that you get to see a gorgeous glowing mommy to be AND a glowing (in a completely dashing masculine way) daddy-to-be standing eagerly at and by her side.

Photographing these two was an absolute joy! I couldn’t help but have an overwhelming urge to go on a date with my husband after they left – in fact the babysitter will be here in an hour! Thank you so much R&B for a wonderful session and I can’t wait to meet your beautiful little Christmas baby.

Can you see him breathing her in in the last shot on this sequence… It’s so apparent how much he adores her!

Can you say “OH MY SMOLDERING HOTNESS” Britta is one stunning MTB!! That’s mommy-to-be in case you were wondering.

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  1. Jennifer Torgrimson says:

    Love these pics! Ari wants to order a copy of one, and I’d like one too. Would make a great Christmas gift (hint)! I really like the way the photographer was able to obviously make you two so at ease that they’re like a glimpse into seeing the two of you alone in a tender moment!

  2. Gwen Robbins Schug says:


    You look so beautiful and so happy! I wish all the best for you and your family.


  3. What wonderful photos to capture where you are in your pregnancy and relationship today. beautiful

  4. So happy to see my daughter today. Being so far away I’ve missed the pregnancy changes. These beautiful photos are a tribute to their joy. “Mom”

  5. kate says:


  6. Jill Silvey says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. These are gorgeous photos depicting gorgeous people! I love them!

  8. These are so beautiful!

  9. I love your choice of words here! The pictures are so beautiful too. They both are glowing!

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