I have a little crush.

The greatest gesture I  could receive is to have a client come back again (or maybe it’s feeding me a lobster dinner? hmmm. now I’m not so sure). All kidding aside, it really does mean the world to me to be invited back again and be given the opportunity to watch as a family grows. I truly believe that when done right, photography should be a very personal thing so you can see why it would mean so much to me to be invited to continue to document a families growth. I was so excited to get back to this family and see how little W had grown from our last session a few months back. This is one of my favorite families and they know how to make  gal blush! I hadn’t even walked out the door from this shoot and mom was already scheduling  the next one.

Little man has a very special place in my heart. Something about him just tugs at my heart strings, maybe it’s the familiar memories his little blue eyes stir from the not so distant past when mine were that small. I can’t help but smile when I look at the images from our session. So here is the sneak peak… Go on and smile with me! :)








  1. erin low says:

    ugh. i just love the first pic. those eyes are fabulous! what a cutie!

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