How do you express your love?

I can’t believe that we are months away from 10 years. It seems like I’m not old enough to be married ten years, I guess that’s because I’m sort of not. I remember in those first months, I felt like 3 years sounded long and established. I couldn’t wait to get to three years. Now I guess 3 kids sounds established! I think what I’m most excited and proud of, is way past the number though. I love that ten years later we still date like we’re kidless and act like we’re newlyweds (a better version of newlyweds) most of the time.

Taylor is amazingly creative at expressing his love for me. Over the years I have been surprised in so many amazing ways. One year you couldn’t see our ceiling. They’re were as many balloons as days we’d been married and every single one had a note attached and there have been so many other wonderful gestures over and over and over. We’re not perfect by any stretch but we both try to always remember to work hard at showing love and never just assuming love.

Becoming a photographer didn’t come about because of a love or even an understanding of the craft at first, it formed because of the excitement I felt for the idea of capturing the magical story of a family… the love of that family and immortalizing it through beautiful wall art.

Leave a comment and share how you express your love! Happy Love!

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