Foody Friday: Grilled Lemon Garlic Rainbow Trout

Adilyn got to go on her first overnight fishing trip with Daddy and Papa to celebrate Papa’s birthday.  Besides the fact that the 5 hr trip took 9 hrs thanks to a misinformed navigation system, they had a great time!  Adi-girl got to reel in the first fish and all in all their boat brought in over 20 trout!  Daddy and Adi brought 2 home for us to enjoy (which I was very excited about)!  This is Adilyn’s catch!

I’m not so good at following exact recipes… I like to  just make it up as I go which is why I’m a disaster when it comes to baking!  For this dish, I wanted to really compliment the trout with ripe lemons!

Lemon Infused Basmatti Rice: I prepared the Basmatti rice as directed on the packaging (for 6 people) and then I squeeze about half of a lemon into the boiling water. If I had it on hand, I would have loved to have added some finely chopped fresh dill into the rice as well!

Grilled Trout: I melted together about 4 Tab. of Butter with the remaining juice of the other 1/2 of the lemon and 1 Large Garlic Glove Minced. Painted on my lemony, butter garlic mixture and then generously seasoned with Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (my ever magic ingredient).  Handed them off to honey to grill while I boiled up the corn and checked on my rice. Finally, I finished the trout by garnishing it with Dried Dill and a Lemon Slice.

Sweet Corn: The secret to having really amazing sweet corn (every time!) is to add sugar to the water!  I add about 1/2 Cup (it’s all eye balled of course because I almost never really measure) to the pot of boiling water! Once you can smell the aroma of your corn coming from the pot, you know it’s ready!

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