… go together like Lobster & Butter!

They say I was 3 years old, they counted the empty shells to find that I had devoured 73 clams.  Me & Seafood, we’ve always just clicked. I’m your favorite gal to bring along at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, you don’t have to doubt you got your money’s worth with me! Or the first time I tried real chocolate (not that wax stuff we package up and call a candy-bar in the US), now that was a love affair to remember! In fact tonight and every night I’m working, I sit at my desk eating delectable chocolate truffles of some kind. It’s my reward. Or how about the first time I was introduced to those red braids and the equally matched temper of Miss Anne (with an ‘E’). They all just clicked with me, as if created for my own little soul they all became part of what makes me uniquely me. It’s amazing if you think about it… How somethings just fall perfectly into place… perfectly suited for each individual.

Now meet the fabulous Jen. Jen was one of those people who instantly upon meeting there was a connection! We drank hot chocolate, played make-up and laughed like we were the oldest of friends, she left with us making shopping, dinner and every other kind of plans together. It was as obvious as the pimples that show up every time I’m stressed, we were going to be great friends.  I’m so happy to say that she was/is the perfect fit with Leah Remillet Photography as my fabulous make-up artist. A couple Saturdays ago, Jen was in the studio doing make-up for clients and we had a little time in between so I turned the camera on her. She insisted that she was no good in front of a camera and I had my work cut out for me. All I have to say is, ‘I guess I must really be amazing than’! ;)


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  1. Mary says:

    Sexy lady! I love those shots!

  2. Carrie says:

    I want to spend a day taking pics in this super cool studio! I love it, and these turned out so great!

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