Free Disney Charter Call for Your Little One!

Ella was positively beaming last night when she got a phone call from Aurora telling her what a great job she’d done and I when she found out that I had been the one to ask Aurora to call her… I was super mommy! I really like being Super-Mommy! I may or may not even have a cape hiding in the coat closet for such a special occasion as that. Her little smile lit up the house for the rest of the night! Cinderella (Adi’s favorite princess) will be calling our home tomorrow!

If you’d like to have your Super Mommy moment, go here to request a FREE personalized phone call from a Disney Princess.

You can choose one of the six Princesses (Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Tiana, Belle, or Aurora) and choose either a “Great Job” or “Great Helper” message as well as schedule the time for the call.

Potty Training Call: If you are starting to potty train your little one, you may want to check this FREE Disney Character Phone Call to congratulate them and cheer them on. You choose between Lightening’s Head Quarters or a Princess Call.

If none of those apply and you have a little boy who needs to get a special call too you can join the Disney Rewards Club (it’s free) and get one free call as one of your benefits or just pay $2.49 to schedule the call. Paysen will be getting a special call from Tigger tomorrow cheering him on before we head out for his first day of pre school!

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