freckled {Vancouver Children’s Photographer }

They are my most favorite part of her little body. I tell her that they came by way of fairy kisses and how much those fairies must love her. Sometime I try to kiss every single one of them myself. Often when I’m peering into those little eyes and looking down on those tiny freckled cheeks I think about how fast it changes and how I never want to forget this part of it. What it feels like today, right now.

Maybe she’ll get more or maybe they will fade but eventually I know those freckles won’t look quite the same. Photographs give us the opportunity to freeze time. For that split second time is captured, placed into a bottle and safely kept so that the moment never needs to dim. My heart needs photographs and these are the moment why….
to capture her freckles.



  1. Jenna says:

    Freckles, freckles, freckles I love them :) The look in little Ella’s face is so beautiful you captured her perfectly.

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