Finding words for her

Little Rylee had come to visit me again so that we could capture images of her in her blessing dress before she grew out of it. Lori, Rylee’s absolutely amazing grandma, brought her back. We talked, we smiled at this beautiful little girl and we cried. The next day Megan (Rylee’s mommy) found peace and returned home to heaven.

When I woke up Sunday morning I could feel it, I knew it was going to be the day she left us all behind. Each step I walked that day, I was thinking of her, Ryan and their family – Sunday night right before I slipped into bed I learned the news. We lost someone incredible…….a  someone who was truly pure in heart…….. a someone whose wonderful example of  a life loved would be terribly missed. I decided not to go to sleep, instead I went to Ryan and Megan’s personal blog and read all of her old blog posts, watched their honeymoon video and I just smiled…. and cried.

As I read the old posts, looked at the pictures and thought of my friend there was one thing that brought me such comfort and it was that she told her story! Megan always had her camera, always! She was always taking pictures and video and did such a great job documenting the incredible life that her and Ryan had. If anyone has ever questioned why they need to pull out the camera, why they need to be in the pictures… Why documenting the milestones and the everyday was important – this is it. Because someday we will all leave this world. Megan said goodbye long before anyone was ready for her to go but thankfully she has left her story and because of this her tiny baby will know her!

Today I’m giving a eulogy at her burial. My heart is begging for the right words in hopes that I might say something that will bring Ryan even just one second of comfort. I’ve never given a eulogy, truth be told I don’t think I’ve ever been to a funeral. The wonderful thing about Megan is that she is easy to talk about. There is no searching to find the good things to say about her because you never saw anything but good from her… not ever. I had a friend tell me that a funeral is really just a big graduation party. Well Master Megan (she had just gotten her masters weeks before she went into labor and was diagnosed with Leukemia) you’ve done it again. You’ve graduated to the next stage and I have no doubt at all that your work and your effect is going to be every bit as amazing on the other side as it was here.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln

I read that quote every time I went to Megan’s personal blog. It said, ‘quote of the day’ and I always laughed that in years the quote of the day hadn’t changed. Now I’m so glad it didn’t.

These are a few more pictures from when Rylee was in the studio last….


  1. Thinking of you today…

  2. So Sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve been following your blog especially close to read about this story. Thank you for sharing it. These life touching happenings help me to count my blessings and thank my Heavenly Father for all I have. Thanks again. Hugs to you Leah,

  3. Jenna says:

    Im so sorry my prayers are with them. Beautiful baby

  4. I’ve read this post about three times. But can’t find the words to say anything. So my feelings of worry and sadness and beautiful gifts is with you.

  5. erin low says:

    it still kills me that I couldn’t make it to one of her burials :( did you go to cali for it? how did it end up going? oh megan…how i miss her and think of her daily!

  6. She is just gorgeous! I love these!

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