DIY Gold Gumball Machine

chic Gold glitter Gum ball Machine
There are a few items from my office makeover that have received an extra amount of attention, one of which has been my gold gumball machine!

This project was really easy and that’s coming from someone who is rarely willing to do the work a DIY project requires. I’m that person who just buys it, rather then try to tackle it myself (Etsy loves me!!), but since I was having trouble finding a gold gumball machine and it seemed so obvious that my new office just had to have one, I got to work.

I found a used gumball machine at Rusty Glamour, one of my favorite little shops in Battle Ground, WA. while staying the weekend with friends. (Miss you Ev!)

The project didn’t take much, was fast and even I managed to finish it! Supply list is below and full detailed (with photographs) instructions can be found here!

Painters Tape
Gold Spray Paint (I used Krylon Gold Interior/Exterior Aerosol Paint – see here)
Gumball Machine (I found a used machine at a thrift store)


Gold Gumball Machine do it yourself
DIY Gold Gumball Machine
Gold Pink Gumball Machine DIY



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