Decorating Children’s Spaces with Photography

I figured out very early in my photography career that my passion was in seeing my art on my client’s walls. It makes my heart absolutely flutter! I believe with my whole heart in celebrating our relationships before anything else! I have never loved anything the way I love my husband and my children. I’ve never worked harder for anything or anyone the way I work for them. They are my Work of heART!

So of course they are also what  I want to showcase on my walls! I can’t imaging anything more priceless, more incredible to wonder in awe at then my own little loves! Today I’d like to inspire you with incredible children’s spaces that are decorated with photography!

The possibilities are endless and I can help you create it! Let’s create something magical together!

Decorating with hotography Play Room

Decorating baby's room with photography

{ Pottery Barn }

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