Christian & Deborah – Part I

I could not believe it, when I woke up yesterday morning to signs of the flu so I did what any reasonable person who doesn’t have time for the flu would do, I stayed in denial. We are about to leave for 10 days, I have laundry and packing to do, a session to shoot, a Session Premier following that and play dates for the kids. It made sense that denial was my best option, so I stuck with it. {It wasn’t the flu} But as the day progressed and the bathroom tile became more soothing I realized that I wasn’t going to win this one.

But my session… This adorable couple was on a deadline and I knew there was no way I would be able to schedule them in again before they needed these images. I’d promised. And they’d never even met me, how would it look if I cancelled now, only one hour before the session. I picked myself up, washed my face and tried to convince myself I had this. Almost believed myself… ran back to the bathroom. Picked myself up again and got in the car.

What arrived was a horrifyingly green tinted version of me. I felt so weak that I left everything but my camera and my favorite (and lightest lens – the 50) in the car. The session started, I kept some serious distance so as not to spread any germs. Normally I joke that I don’t acknowledge personal space – I was in this case! Christian and Deborah were being so nice and forgiving as what ever it is they were seeing stood in front of them. We got about 1/2 through. I had to stop twice to collect myself. I finally – after breaking out in horrible cold sweat called it, but not before I was sure I got the shot.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our brief session. I’m so excited to finish our session when I get back and show Christian and Deborah the real me. (I promise guys, I clean up pretty well).


  1. Hey Leah, I love it! My favorite is third one and last one:) Great shots.

  2. You poor thing! Way to go though…you did beautiful work despite it all! And that field is soooo pretty!

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