Inside my Camera Bag

Inside Leah Remillet's Camera Bag


So many people asked about my camera bag when I shared it on Instagram that I thought I’d do a full post about it here! So here’s the answer to the big question… Who is my camera bag from? Actually, I’m using the ONA Roma Camera Bag Insert (full list with links is below) to turn any bag into my camera bag – so my bag technically isn’t a camera bag. And question #2, thanks for loving my strap as much as I do! It’s a Nicole Berlowski Sequin Camera Strap!

The full GEAR list:
ONA Roma Camera Bag Insert turns any bag into a camera bag!
Nicole Berlowski Sequin Camera Strap
Interfit 5 in 1 Reflector

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-70mm  f/2.8L Lens
Canon 50mm f/1.4

Inside my bag, I also have:

Business Cards (designed by Laura Kathryn)
Valentina Handbag (here’s one I found on ebay)
Kate Spade Sunglasses
Pez Candies (trimmed to fit my hot-shoe mount)
Lip Gloss
Lot’s of memory cards
Hand Sanitizer
iPhone (with the Be Dazzling Kate Spade Case)

And that’s it! I think I actually travel pretty light! If you have any questions, just post a comment and I’ll try to answer them!

Inside My Camera Bag with Leah Remillet1


Best Makeup for Photos

I love makeup… I always have!  I’m certainly no makeup artist, but I’ve had my makeup done by enough of them to have learned a thing or two.  You know that feeling, as the velvety makeup begins to cover your face?  Or when she hands you the mirror and your mind explodes in wonder – thinking, ‘how the heck did she do that?’  Getting your makeup done is so much fun and it’s something every girl should get to do every so often.  My favorite way to do it is to go to schedule something at Nordstrom when I need a refill.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal favorite makeup brands, tips and tricks – especially for picture day.

1. Dior Airflash Foundation
, $62,  Whenever I have a big day, this is what I use!  My sister introduced me to it when I was in Seattle  as a speaker for The Chic Retreat. Airflash is ideal for pictures because it’s not going anywhere! The bottle will last about a month with everyday use.  I’m afraid it’s to much for my skin everyday, so I only use it when I need it. 

2. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks, $25,  One of my biggest tips for makeup is to make sure you’ve got your “lips” in a pocket so that you can reapply. With the pot rouge, you’ve got your lips and your cheeks in your pocket so that you can keep the dewy  look you want. I love Calypso Coral. 

3. Victoria’s Secret Flawless Airbrush Beach Sexy Instant Bronze Spray, $15,  Sometimes you just don’t have time to get a tan before photos. With this spray, I have instant color and if I applied to heavy or don’t like the look, there is no commitment, it’s off with water! I love this spray for my arms and legs but not my face. 

4. Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes, $48 – $75,  I love how easy these are to apply! It’s like a wet wipe from the crab shack except, instead of trying to get the smell of the ocean off me, I’m applying the golden sun to me. I see really good results after  two applications. 

5. Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips, $22,  I use a professional teeth whitening kit from my dentist but the reviews say that this one is a great from the drugstore buy. I like to start whitening 3 to 7 days before my photo shoot but if I can only get one in, I’m at least getting surface stains off. 

6. M·A·C Prep + Prime Eye, $18.5,  When you’re getting your picture taken, you don’t want your makeup fading before the last shot. I love M·A·C’s eye primer because it allows me to put on a more dramatic eye look and not worry about loosing the drama. 

7. Dior Addict Gloss, $29.5, Don’t go for a nude, blends into your skin lip color. Instead add a little to a lot of pop so that your femininity really shines. I love using a lipstick or stain and then applying a gloss like Dior’s Addict on top. (Show in Paradise) 

Photography 101 Class in Portland, OR.

Even though my college professor did explain how and why the camera works, I’m still sticking to my own theory… It’s magic!   The idea, that a single moment can be stopped and preserved so that the substance of that moment will never be lost – is magical.

Our families our are greatest treasures… To be able to capture the moments that makeup our lives so that we can someday stitch the imagery together and tell our story is amazing to me! That’s why in addition to capturing those moments for my clients and their families, I think it’s also really fun to teach mommy’s how to get happier with their own snaps.

I thought I’d share some behind the scenes from my last SNAP HAPPY GIRL’S NIGHT hosted by Evelyn (see her cute son here).

We had so much fun!  There was delicious food, fun conversation… Oh! And a lot of talk about photography! :)

Thank you for the wonderful night ladies… It was a pleasure.


Want to be taught?  If you’re a client of mine or a mommy in the Seattle/Portland area interested in taking or hosting a SNAP HAPPY class just click ‘contact the studio’ (in the menu bar) or leave a comment to get more information.

Want to teach this class?  If you’re a professional photographer interested in teaching your own photography 101 class – I have made my full course available in the Go4Pro Photos Shop.


“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” – Linda McCartney

Photography Tip ~ Shooting From Above

It’s getting warmer outside (wahoo!!) and we are all antsy and eager to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine! Of course you’ll be grabbing the camera so here’s a fun and easy tip that you can use the next time you’re playing around and trying to capture your little kiddos in the warm evening glow of natural light! Ummm – that’s my favorite!

Canon 5D Mark II  |  Lens: 24-70 L  |  ISO:100 .  f/2.8  .  160 SS  |  5:15 pm

THE SETUP: I’m showing you a pullback so that you can see exactly what happened! Imagine me standing directly above her on the stool to capture the image… And promise not to judge on the mismatched outfit. Which actually, is a great reminder that if you don’t like a certain something that you’re seeing when you frame up the shot… Just get closer! Ok, on to the pullback.

This is a really simple set up that can create great images! I love using doorway light. In this scenario, we are pulled out from the doorway because of a porch overhang that is directly above the door. I did this because I don’t want to be in complete shade, if I did have my subject in full shade, I wouldn’t be able to produce the golden hue that I’m so excited about. Thank you setting sun!

THE PULLBACK: As you can see, I’m using a simple backdrop but of course you could grab fabric, a blanket or just use what you’ve got (the ground). I then have a step-stool so that I can be right above my subject (you may not need the step stool – I’m short). Finally by having Ella look upward right into the lens, and into non-direct light (if it was direct she’d be squinting and that just wouldn’t be cute at all!) I’m able to really capture the color of her eyes as well as my most favorite detail, her freckles!

The next time you want to have a little fun with your camera, try shooting from directly above by having your subject lay down on the floor!


Ever been cornered by the “talker”?

I absolutely love to share what I know… Many of you can attest to being cornered in a room while I try to tell you about something that I’m really into. In fact I get so excited that sometimes this weird muffled sound comes out and it’s because I need to swallow, and I just ignore it because I’m too passionate about what I’m saying… That is until Taylor gives a gentle pull on my shirt or quietly whispers swallow. I always think it’s just something only I know is happening but apparently it’s a little more obvious! I can’t help it sharing and teaching is a big part of who I am! I’m the happiest when I get to inspire others!

But of course that means that I have to actually know something in order to share it! And so I work endlessly to perfect and hone and master whatever it is I’m into, the most obvious being my photography boutique! It’s all or nothing and I seriously have no clue how else to do things! It’s something I really like about me but at the same times it’s something that drives others crazy (I’m cracking up while I type this little epiphany that I just had). The great news is, I’ve finally channeled my wondrous happy place. It’s a magical land where people actually want to hear what I’m thinking, they listen and learn and sometimes I even get to inspire them… And the best part is that instead of letting their eyes dart around the room for someone to save them from my latest tangent, they actually ask (usually) to hear more! Oh how I love the internet!

Thanks Jenna for snapping this photo of us!

A couple weeks ago I got to take my wondrous happy place and move it out of cyber-town and into Sea-Town where I had the pleasure of mentoring Ajia Luke, an up and coming photographer in the Tacoma area! We had an awesome afternoon working at strategies to build her studio and we finished the day with a shoot! Thank you so much Ajia for spending the day with me and letting me corner you with out swallows to share all I’ve learned!

Our beautiful model, Jenna (my most fabulous sister and best friend in the whole wide world) was absolutely fantastic, as always! These are a few favorites that I snapped while we walked.