Perfectly Persnickety

If you want your little girls to look positively adorable for your portrait session, Persnickety is a great place to go! Persnickety was awesome enough to send over a huge box of beautiful clothing from their Fall Line for me to use for my model session at the Seattle Workshop that I taught back in June.  These are a few images I captured back on the farm of one of the outfits we didn’t model.






“Sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful than all the banquets in the world …” -E.A. Bucchianeri

Love, Love, Love.

My time on the East Coast was absolutely amazing! The trip was divided between Alexandria, VA., New York and Washington, D.C. – and I loved every minute I spent on the East Coast!!  I saw two shows on Broadway, went to as many amazing restaurants as I could find and even did a Segway night tour in D.C.

My East Coast excursion started in Alexandria where I taught a workshop for fellow professional photographers on business, balance and life.  I had such an amazing time with the women who joined me. They were more than just great photographers, they were truly amazing women!  This beautiful couple was one of our models during my workshop.  They were such a joy to photograph!! Possibly one of my favorite couple I’ve ever photographed!!
Best Photography Workshops

Best Photography Workshops

Best Photography Workshops

Best Photography Workshops

Best Photography Workshops

Best Photography Workshops


Love is not who you can see yourself with. It is who you can’t see yourself without. – Unknown 

Best Makeup for Photos

I love makeup… I always have!  I’m certainly no makeup artist, but I’ve had my makeup done by enough of them to have learned a thing or two.  You know that feeling, as the velvety makeup begins to cover your face?  Or when she hands you the mirror and your mind explodes in wonder – thinking, ‘how the heck did she do that?’  Getting your makeup done is so much fun and it’s something every girl should get to do every so often.  My favorite way to do it is to go to schedule something at Nordstrom when I need a refill.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal favorite makeup brands, tips and tricks – especially for picture day.

1. Dior Airflash Foundation
, $62,  Whenever I have a big day, this is what I use!  My sister introduced me to it when I was in Seattle  as a speaker for The Chic Retreat. Airflash is ideal for pictures because it’s not going anywhere! The bottle will last about a month with everyday use.  I’m afraid it’s to much for my skin everyday, so I only use it when I need it. 

2. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks, $25,  One of my biggest tips for makeup is to make sure you’ve got your “lips” in a pocket so that you can reapply. With the pot rouge, you’ve got your lips and your cheeks in your pocket so that you can keep the dewy  look you want. I love Calypso Coral. 

3. Victoria’s Secret Flawless Airbrush Beach Sexy Instant Bronze Spray, $15,  Sometimes you just don’t have time to get a tan before photos. With this spray, I have instant color and if I applied to heavy or don’t like the look, there is no commitment, it’s off with water! I love this spray for my arms and legs but not my face. 

4. Kate Somerville Tanning Towlettes, $48 – $75,  I love how easy these are to apply! It’s like a wet wipe from the crab shack except, instead of trying to get the smell of the ocean off me, I’m applying the golden sun to me. I see really good results after  two applications. 

5. Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips, $22,  I use a professional teeth whitening kit from my dentist but the reviews say that this one is a great from the drugstore buy. I like to start whitening 3 to 7 days before my photo shoot but if I can only get one in, I’m at least getting surface stains off. 

6. M·A·C Prep + Prime Eye, $18.5,  When you’re getting your picture taken, you don’t want your makeup fading before the last shot. I love M·A·C’s eye primer because it allows me to put on a more dramatic eye look and not worry about loosing the drama. 

7. Dior Addict Gloss, $29.5, Don’t go for a nude, blends into your skin lip color. Instead add a little to a lot of pop so that your femininity really shines. I love using a lipstick or stain and then applying a gloss like Dior’s Addict on top. (Show in Paradise) 

What to Wear – Jan Ed.

Oooh how I love documenting the little ones! They have style and when you’re little you’re proud to rock it and own it and be exactly who you want to be! Our little 5 year old loves being “stylish” she will come down stairs just rocking some wonky outfit telling me, “oh this is stylish mom! Don’t I look fabulous!?!!” And I can’t help but smile and stand in awe at just how fabulous she really is! I love getting to know each child’s personal style. Their own pizazz! Even more though… I love to document it! I thought these little outfits were especially adorable and had to share them with you!


What to Wear : Kid’s Winter Ed.


My absolute favorite clothing stores for kids would be GAP, JCREW and Matilda Jane.

Trends I’m seeing…

Layers. Lots and lots of layers are super in, especially for winter time!
Hats! Hats, beanies, fur and knit. It’s all in! Just be weary of brims when it comes to pictures.
Mix and match beautiful neutrals of greys, creams and pinks.