Baby Cedar – Portland Baby Photographer

This little man had the softest skin I’ve ever felt and just look at him!! Does he not just leave you breathless? He’s so beautiful, but of course that’s not surprising at all! Remember Mama’s maternity session? She’s absolutely gorgeous herself! It was a wonderful way to spend my Friday afternoon, enjoying the company of Nate, Shawna and their new little one. Congratulations you two! I look forward to continuing to capture his story with you as he grows!


  1. Amy Kastelin says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  2. lilith rockett says:

    Beautiful photos of an absolutely gorgeous baby! I love the one where he is suspended between their hands! Nice work.

  3. AmyLeigh says:

    what a treasure. Can’t wait to meet him and thanks for keeping us all out here updated. Hope you are enjoying your BabyMoon.

  4. they’re just absolutely beautiful. i love this baby! (and his mamma too!)

  5. angela stepan says:

    These photos are beautiful ~ Cedar seems so peaceful and relaxed in them, as if he’s done this all before! I especially like him in the fluffy basket & between mom & pop. Love to your family mama Shawna, as your beautiful new boy settles in. XO

  6. coachj says:

    “Make your heart like a lake
    with a calm, still surface
    and great depths of kindness.”
    Lao Tzu
    Cedar seems to understand this…
    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful child

  7. Sonja K says:

    fabulous photos of a darling baby! my faves are the hands and the fur. especially the hands. great idea.

  8. Carrie says:

    Oh he is SUCH a handsome little doll!
    Beautiful work Leah! I love each one of these images!

  9. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful creature! I love him.
    I like this photographer’s unique perspective.

  10. Ben Stimmel says:

    Awesome pictures! Cedar is so handsome, and I love the picture of you both holding him up. Seems to symbolize how both parents are important to a child’s balance and peace.

  11. Susan Anstine says:

    Incredible! That two hands shot is the best anti-war photo I’ve ever seen. May that beauty and grace follow Cedar and his parents all through their lives.

  12. Suz says:

    Great pictures! Cedar looks darling in these photos.

  13. Helen Payton says:

    These are gorgeous photos of your precious little one. Be close, he will grow so quickly – right before your eyes. Love you all. hp

  14. Uncle bumper says:

    Love the pictures,very well done!!creatve,artistic,beautiful!

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