A work of heART


A house is not a home until there are pictures on the wall!

There is nothing more important to me then my husband and children, there is nothing that I work harder for (or ‘at’ or ‘on’). There is no one that I give more to, do more for or care more about then them. There smiles brighten my days the fastest, their kisses calm my worries the quickest and their hugs erase all my imperfections if only for a moment. They are my work of heART!

My passion as a photographer is in creating beautiful wall art! But the kind that I create is not created by me alone! It’s created first and foremost by the people in each image who have created the love that I am so blessed to capture. I can’t imagine anything more valuable on any wall then the relationships of those who make it a home!

I am a photographer so that I can capture a moment… So that I can preserve a memory…  So that I can tell your story! One that says, ‘We are happy, we are filled with love, we are in this together.’


* This Canvas Cluster was created for the ‘C’ Family! See their full sneak peak here!

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