The music will come.

My ‘to-do’ list has a front and back, my desk is stacked with things I need to attend to… If I click to all screens on my computer, over a dozen projects are calling for my action. Time keeps ticking and I search to find just a little more of it that perhaps somehow has been hiding somewhere in the fabric of my day. But the truth is, I squeeze every last moment from each day. I need all of them and still find myself wishing for more.

I’m working on editing a wedding from a couple weeks ago and as I worked through the images, this one stopped me! I felt a flood of emotions, mostly sweet mixed with a touch of bitterness. Someday, it will be my boy… my song… my dance as he moves forward into a new wonderful life. The day will inevitably come, when my baby boy will be more likely to carry me, then I carry him. And with out warning one day the clock will slow itself, and the double sided to-do lists will be scratched out, and the desk won’t need me and the children will be gone. And when that day comes and I’m looking at the portraits of days far spent will I be happy with how I used these moments?  I’m sure if you asked mother’s they would say you can never truly be ready, but I think the extent would be in where I used the moments of today.

…Because someday, this dance will be mine.


  1. Taylor says:

    Great Shot

  2. That’s beautiful! The words and the picture.

  3. Carrie says:

    So beautiful! I don’t even have a little boy of my own yet, but this post made me teary-eyed for “that day” too!

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