101 Ideas for Summer Fun in Vancouver, WA. & Portland, OR.

Are you ready for summer? Do you have big plans? Are you like me and sometimes those big plans find a way of not happening?
We’ve all done it… Great intention in June become wistful regrets in September. But not this year! Here’s a list I’ve created of 101 super fun activities, ranging anywhere from completely free to a couple of dollar signs.
This list has been especially created for Vancouver, WA. & Portland, OR but of course there is plenty of fun ideas for anyone else in the world! Go ahead, pick and choose what you’re going to try this summer or make it your bucket list and start crossing things off! But most importantly, get outside and make your own amazing summer memories!
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  1. You-Pick Strawberries – Early June (try Philbrook Farms)
  2. Make Strawberry Jam
  3. Rodeo (Vancouver Rodeo: July 4th-7th)
  4. Sand in the City (July 15th-17th)
  5. Drive-In Theater at 99W Drive-In in Newberg (We went several times last summer, make sure to arrive about an hour early!)
  6. (free) Create a Back Yard “Water-Park” (Invite Friends to bring kiddy pools, water guns, slip’n'slides and more)
  7. You-Pick Raspberries: End of June to Early July (try Phillbrook Farms)
  8. (free) Wash the Car (Better yet, Surprise the Neighbor)
  9. Visit the Sea Lion Caves
  10. You-Pick Pear Farm : Opens Mid July (Try Greer Family Farms: 360-573-7600)
  11. (free) Free Summer Bowling from AMF
  12. Portland Food Carts
  13. Drive to the Ocean
  14. (free) Splash Park (Try Kiwanis Park)
  15. The Human Bubble (Supplies: kiddy pool, hula hoop and bubble solution)
  16. (free) Backyard Camp Out
  17. Portland Children’s Museum (Free Admission every 1st Friday from 4-8pm)
  18. You-Pick Blueberry Farm : Begins around mid-July (try Phillbrook Farms) (Photography by Leah Remillét)
  19. (free) Hike (For kid friendly easy hikes try Lucia Falls)
  20. $1 Movies by Regal
  21. Visit Fort Vancouver 
  22. (free) Weekend Farmers Market (my favorite is at Esther Short)
  23. Pearson Air Museum 
  24. Day at OMSI 
  25. (free) Fishing
  26. (free) Boat Ride
  27. The Clark County Fair (Aug 3-12)
  28. OMSI After Dark introduces Summer Concerts
  29. (free) Have an Outdoor Movie Night (we bring out our projector and a white sheet)
  30. (free) Fly a Kite
  31. (free) Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
  32. (free) Lemonade Stand
  33. Outdoor Concerts at the Zoo (Schedule)
  34. (free) Visit Family
  35. Clark County Historical Museum 
  36. (free) Rock Dominos or other rock-paint projects
  37. (free) Columbia River Waterfront Trail (We love this area! Great restaurants, beautiful views)
  38. (free) Get to know your neighbors with a Block-Party-Potluck
  39. Portland Japanese Gardens
  40. (free) Esther Shore Park (Make a day of it with the huge playground, water play area and large grass for picnicking)
  41. Go Camping
  42. (free) Play Flashlight Tag
  43. (free) Day Trip to Lake Merwin (Free with Discovery Pass)
  44. Visit the Oregon Zoo
  45. (free) Pack Summer Sack Lunches for Needy Kids through Share House
  46. Movie in the Park at Esther Shore (Wall-E on July 20th)
  47. (free) Homemade Bird Feeder
  48. You-Pick Peach Farm : Mid July to Early August (Try Montes Farm)
  49. (free) Family Slumber Party
  50. (free) Walk around the Neighborhood and Pick-Up Rubbish
  51. Pittock Mansion
  52. Summer Concerts at Esther Short Park
  53. (free) Water-Balloon Toss Contest
  54. (free)  Read a Book as a Family and then Watch the Movie (Our last one was Gulliver’s Travels)
  55. Movie at The Park at LeRoy Hagen Memorial (Pirates of the Caribbean on July 27th)
  56. Portland Art Museum
  57. (free) Hike Mount St. Helens
  58. (free) Make Homemade Ice Cream
  59. Family Water-Gun Fight
  60. Bite of Oregon (Aug 10-12)
  61. Portland Pirate Festival (Sept 1st & 2nd)
  62. Go Swimming (try Klineline)
  63. (free) Have an Ice Cream Party
  64. (free) Play Badminton
  65. (free) Make Homemade Play-Dough
  66. (free) Create an Obstacle Course (See HERE)
  67. Can Homemade Applesauce (Photography by Leah Remillét)
  68. (free) Baking Soda Rocket (See HERE)
  69. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  70. (free) Summer Time Reading Journal (Free printable from Simple as That)
  71. (free) Sidewalk Chalk
  72. (free) Make Homemade Popsicles
  73. (free) Put on a Play
  74. Host a Backyard Dinner Party
  75. (free) Go to the Library
  76. (free) Build a Fort from Blankets
  77. (free) Pack a Surprise Picnic for Dinner (Photography by Leah Remillét)
  78. Plant a Hanging Herb Garden
  79. Ding Dong Ditch (Only with happy surprises of course)
  80. (free) Have a Tea Party
  81. (free) Lay out in the Backyard & Search for Constellations
  82. (free) Have a Garage Sale
  83. Host a Clam Bake (Recipe from Martha Stewart)
  84. (free) Play Board Games
  85. (free) Make a Milk Carton Boat
  86. (free) Eat Corn
  87. (free) Family Bike Ride
  88. Tour Tillamook Cheese Factory
  89. (free) Rock Painting
  90. (free) Write a Letter
  91. (free) Homemade Ice-cream Sandwiches
  92. Create a Fairy Garden
  93. (free) Roast Smores
  94. Try a New Recipe
  95. Visit A Retirement Home
  96. Can Pickles (The first thing I learned to can – very easy!)
  97. Surprise an Elderly Person and Pull Their Weeds
  98. Paint with Fruit and Vegetables
  99. Play with Your Camera, Practice Your Skills
  100. Find the Ice-Cream Man



  1. Wow, I love this Leah! So awesome that you put this all together! Thanks for sharing!

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