DIY Gold Gumball Machine

chic Gold glitter Gum ball Machine
There are a few items from my office makeover that have received an extra amount of attention, one of which has been my gold gumball machine!

This project was really easy and that’s coming from someone who is rarely willing to do the work a DIY project requires. I’m that person who just buys it, rather then try to tackle it myself (Etsy loves me!!), but since I was having trouble finding a gold gumball machine and it seemed so obvious that my new office just had to have one, I got to work.

I found a used gumball machine at Rusty Glamour, one of my favorite little shops in Battle Ground, WA. while staying the weekend with friends. (Miss you Ev!)

The project didn’t take much, was fast and even I managed to finish it! Supply list is below and full detailed (with photographs) instructions can be found here!

Painters Tape
Gold Spray Paint (I used Krylon Gold Interior/Exterior Aerosol Paint – see here)
Gumball Machine (I found a used machine at a thrift store)


Gold Gumball Machine do it yourself
DIY Gold Gumball Machine
Gold Pink Gumball Machine DIY


Inside my Camera Bag

Inside Leah Remillet's Camera Bag


So many people asked about my camera bag when I shared it on Instagram that I thought I’d do a full post about it here! So here’s the answer to the big question… Who is my camera bag from? Actually, I’m using the ONA Roma Camera Bag Insert (full list with links is below) to turn any bag into my camera bag – so my bag technically isn’t a camera bag. And question #2, thanks for loving my strap as much as I do! It’s a Nicole Berlowski Sequin Camera Strap!

The full GEAR list:
ONA Roma Camera Bag Insert turns any bag into a camera bag!
Nicole Berlowski Sequin Camera Strap
Interfit 5 in 1 Reflector

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-70mm  f/2.8L Lens
Canon 50mm f/1.4

Inside my bag, I also have:

Business Cards (designed by Laura Kathryn)
Valentina Handbag (here’s one I found on ebay)
Kate Spade Sunglasses
Pez Candies (trimmed to fit my hot-shoe mount)
Lip Gloss
Lot’s of memory cards
Hand Sanitizer
iPhone (with the Be Dazzling Kate Spade Case)

And that’s it! I think I actually travel pretty light! If you have any questions, just post a comment and I’ll try to answer them!

Inside My Camera Bag with Leah Remillet1


Ryann | Bellevue Family Photography

I’ve heard people say that they won’t always hold our hands, or run to us for hugs. The other day as chunkaroo-roo instinctively slipped his little hand in mind, I was hit with those words. I supposed deep down, I grasp that this is true but I’m not ready to admit it. I don’t want to ever imagine there hands not slipping into mine as we walk down the road, or these little bodies snuggling into mine as we climb in bed to read the next chapter of Humphrey.

There is something so magical about the age they are right now! It’s my favorite, but I guess every stage has been my new favorite. I’ve never been one of those moms that wishes they would stay babies! I’ve loved getting to see their little personalities come alive, I’ve loved as our conversations have developed and deepened and we’ve been able to do more and more together.

However… My heart fears that there is some not-so-distant corner that must be turned, a corner that will take these sweetest parts of life from me. If there is, please let it be replaced with equal sweetness of a stage I’m not yet familiar with!

Today we are going to go get library cards for our new town. This is the biggest deal to them! Oh how I love that this is t-h-e biggest deal to them!


And of course, we must have pictures…

I don’t think I ever blogged these! Ryann is at this same magical stage as my oldest! She was an absolute natural in front of the camera and so much fun to photograph! And of course I had to get her mama in for at least one shot, which may just be my favorite!


w.Leah Remillet_Ryann_04

Bellevue Family Photography w.Leah Remillet_Ryann_02


w.Leah Remillet_Ryann_01

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!”  - J.M. Barrie

Lemon Bars

foodie friday with Leah Remillet

Sunburst Lemon Bars - "the crust is almost like a sugar cookie"

Don’t these look amazing? For the full recipe go to


Kiran | Seattle Senior Photographer

I was so incredibly delighted & honored !! to be asked back as a speaker for Chic Retreat 2014! As in seriously thrilled! Chic Retreat is a 3 day intensive where photographers come from all over the country to connect, learn, be inspired and create some beautiful images!

My models this year were Kiran and Emily and oh wow! They did not disappoint! Both girls were such troopers as they ran back and forth across the cobblestone to find the sun then hide from the rain…Sun, rain, sun, rain, all in their ridiculously gorgeous and high heels… It was a true Seattle day at Pike Place Market. But despite the weather and the bustle of Pike on a Saturday – we got some amazing shots and had a fab-u-lous time!

Today I’m featuring Kiran, who I’ve known for years. She’s one of my baby sister’s best friends and an absolute sweet heart through and though!











A little behind the scenes action a la Instagram

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